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She is married to Veronica’s brother, Rocky. She loves dancing, traveling, the beach, her pets Rosscoe, Lupe, Blackie, and her new crazy princess, LaLa , and food. This girl is good at every sport she tries! It is said DanDee once beat The Rock at a game of strength and agility She is married to Veronica’s brother, Michael. She loves fashion, the beach, and her dogs Coco and Marley. But nothing exceeds her love for all things delicious. She is a connoisseur of the delicacy known as fried chicken and is said to be able to name over 1, ways in which to prepare it. She is also rumored to have been the brains behind Popeye’s spicy chicken and is currently in litigation for the rights to the recipe. She said it’s, “Mmmmm

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What is the vampire diaries about? Vampire Diaries is about a teenage girl Elena who falls in love with with a vampire Stephan. Stephan’s brother Damion is out to ruin Stephan ‘s life and try’s to lour Elena with his ” vampire powers ” into loving her and cheating on Stephan You spelled Damon wrong, dimwit. And that’s not how it goes!

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Julie Plec also shared that she and show co-creator Kevin Williamson already know how they would like the show to end, whenever that ends up being. Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers: Will the Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle be getting more intense for the rest of the season? I heard you all those times, when you told me that. And now, let me give that back to you.

She has no one. How do you choose, in a moment like that? It definitely means that the stakes of death and resuscitation are possibly not as intense for Jeremy as they were Alaric because Alaric had something happening on the other side. It just might not come in the form of a Jekyll and Hyde alter-ego.

Who’s Hotter: Vampire Diaries’ Boys – The Results

Tyler doesn’t have a good relationship with his father, who sometimes acts violently towards Tyler. However when his father dies, Tyler is shown to be genuinely upset. In the beginning of the series Tyler is arrogant, selfish and a bully. He is dating Vicki Donovan, but she later breaks up with him due to her feelings for Jeremy Gilbert, which causes a rivalry between the two boys. Tyler is also shown to have a short temper and in season two Tyler learns from his uncle, Mason Lockwood, that he acts this way due to his family carrying the werewolf gene.

After Tyler accidentally kills Sarah, a classmate who was compelled by Katherine Pierce to provoke Tyler, his fears come true as he has triggered the curse.

Michael Trevino is famous for his role in the CW show The Vampire Diaries, in which he plays a werewolf-vampire hybrid who is the boyfriend of the town sheriff’s vampire daugh ter Caroline. Originally he was only a werewolf, but was changed into a hybrid by the original vampire Klaus, who is also interested in Caroline.

ET on The CW. Fans already know there will be flashbacks to Elena’s parents’ accident and that she’ll make a decision between Stefan and Damon. But who will survive the finale and make it to the newly announced Season 4? Was the last episode really the last we’ll see of Klaus? And can Caroline and Tyler finally get together? Find out what Trevino had to say about his character’s “life-changing” decision, who he wants to work with and who he is “shipping”: It almost looked like we were going to lose Tyler last episode.


Edit The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert , a teenage girl who falls deeply in love with a year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan’s vicious, malevolent and mysterious older brother Damon Salvatore returns with a plan to wreak havoc on the town, seeking revenge against his younger brother for turning him into a vampire against his will. Because Elena resembles their past love Katherine Pierce, Damon also begins to fall in love with Elena.

It is revealed that Elena is a descendant of Katherine, who eventually returns with plans against the trio. Elena undergoes many hardships and deaths of close family members and loved ones throughout her high school experience. The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century.

Published on Oct 2, ; We decided to see what would happen if we brought 2 complete strangers together (Andrew & Michael) to answer 36 questions designed to lead to love while on a blind date.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Is Tyler Lockwood Dead or Alive? The production team and the cast members are gearing toward their final run of Mystic Falls. The question is, is Tyler Lockwood part of the series finale? It is known by now that The Vampire Diaries kills almost everyone on the show. Whether it be a supernatural or a normal being, he or she would be killed. However, that does not mean especially considering the nature of The Vampire Diaries that it will be his last appearance on the show.

Yes he is dead, but, as everyone knows by now, the hit TV series has a way of bringing back dead characters. It was a bit weird that a death of a major character like Tyler Lockwood was overly underplayed. Considering who he is in The Vampire Diaries, fans expect a more dramatic ending. Yes, he was not in all of the episodes of the show, but he can pretty much be considered as a show regular.

Is Michael Trevino Back on Set? Various reports say that Michael Trevino has been filming not regularly though this fall for The Vampire Diaries season 8.

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She was born on 14th of April in the year in a place called Baltimore, Maryland. Her mother is a German whereas her father is a Nigerian. Already reached the age of 47, she joined WABC in the year in her hometown after a stint and worked on the news channel for about three years.

Others featured are Diego Boneta from Rock of Ages, Wilmer Vaderrama from That 70’s Show, who’s dated Lindsay Lohan and Minka Kelly. Cuban singer Pitbull and Vampire Diaries Mexican actor Micahel Trevino.

Source “My favorite thing about playing a vampire is the stunts. It’s just a new, fun thing to do. Especially as a girl, being able to be all dolled up in heels and little outfits and be able to kick boys’ butts, I think it’s a really fun, make-believe world to play. Contents [ show ] Biography Accola was born in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Carolyn Clark , who was an environmental engineer before becoming a homemaker, and Kevin Accola, a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Accola co-wrote thirteen of the fourteen tracks on the record. The album failed to make an impact. In the album was re-released in Japan and achieved greater success. Best of Both Worlds Concert.

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Nonetheless, Dobrev was all smiles as she posed with the cast, and co-star Michael Trevino took to Instagram to post the picture and wrote, “About to see our girl ninadobrev new movie Let’s Be Cops! TVD came to represent! Zach Roenig and Michael Malarkey were also on hand to support Dobrev. Roenig and Malarkey play Matt and Enzo in the show.

His Showtime documentary series, “Years of Living Dangerously,” won an Emmy, and he celebrated by doing a little victory dance after the event with his new girlfriend, “Twilight” actress Nikki Reed. Somerhalder, who was one of the nine celebrity correspondents on the Showtime series, was very excited for the documentary’s win.

Camila Cabello apparently had Her iCloud hacked revealing allegedly personal messages between herself and 5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford. Camila and Michael had a supposed fling in June of last year. The apparent messages between the pair allude to a relationship which ends in Camila’s.

I have so many memories of this amazing band, the amazing people beyond the band and the friendships I have built because of them. I was in 10th grade at the time, only 15 years old. I was a fan for almost 2 years already and it was amazing that one of my favorite bands was on the label I was working for. The sad day of struck and I remember it being my last day of high school forever as I had my first panic attack from watching the towers fall from my high schools roof.

Shortly thereafter I was given the opportunity to work full time helping promote Yellowcard in the NorthEast region of US. Traveling, going to concerts every night slinging those Yellowcard stickers to every concert goer and going into the countless record shops putting up CD stands, posters and other material. I was so proud to be doing that. It was the coolest job a 16 year old could ask for and hell I was even being paid!

My fondest memory of that time was chouffered to Looney Tunes in Long Island to help set up an acoustic show they were going to be performing that evening. I was shy, I looked up to these guys, they were my idols. My girlfriend at the time and I loved the song October Nights and we made it our song.

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Male Scene Stealer in and The actor was dating South-Korean actress Jenna Ushkowitz. The duo dated for around 3-years.

Currently dating: Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert/Katherine pierce) Mini Biography The son of a massage therapist and a building contractor, Somerhalder was born and .

Executive Producer Caroline Dries revealed that the upcoming new season might see a brewing tension between Caroline and Elena concerning their shared love for Stefan. In a discussion with Alloy Entertainment, Dries laid down what fans can expect on Season 6, especially that Caroline is suffering from confusion and helplessness brought by Stefan’s death.

I personally feel like she’s not quite sure what she’s feeling. It’s all types of confusing. Lots of grey area: Stefan is her friend. Elena’s her best friend. Kind of a no-fly zone, which is why I think that if she has had any more-than-friend feelings she’s pushed them away or convinced herself otherwise,” Dries told the Time Warner subsidiary.

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Ernie Els, in , is the only champion in the last decade not to rank in the top for putting average, but the Big Easy gave himself plenty of opportunities by leading the GIR stats. Scrambling is even more important in links golf and the last four winners all ranked in the top-seven during the week of their triumph. Louis Oosthuizen won in despite failing to make a cut in his previous attempts, but the South African evidently took a shine to St Andrews, where his only other notable performance came in , losing in a play-off.

Furthermore, Open legends Greg Norman and Tom Watson — both in their 50s — went out in the final pairings on Sunday in and The two exceptions — Els and Zach Johnson — were both having strong seasons with the Big Easy recording six top finishes, while Johnson had eight. Nevertheless, it would be a surprise to see a winner that hadn’t lined up in at least one of these.

Michael Trevino quotes – 1. Well, I’ve learned something from Michael Robison just about maximizing your shots. For example, if I’m shooting a scene and someone’s driving at the wheel, you could steal an insert in the same shot. Read more quotes and sayings about Michael Trevino.

This list includes all of the Without a Trace main actors and actresses , so if they are an integral part of the show you’ll find them below. You can various bits of trivia about these Without a Trace stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. This cast list of actors from Without a Trace focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on Without a Trace that are on here as well.

Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including James Marsters Elizabeth Berkley and more. If you are wondering, “Who are the actors from Without a Trace? In most cases you can click on the names of these popular Without a Trace actors and actresses to find out more information about them. If you’re looking for a particular Without a Trace actor or actress, then type their name into the “search” bar to find them directly.

LaPaglia is an Australian actor. He began performing in the late s, appearing in several television roles and the Hollywood films Along Came a Spider and Banks made her film debut in the low-budget independent film Surrender Dorothy , and is known Berkley’s most notable roles were in the television series Saved by the Bell, as the brainy Jessie Spano, and the Marsters first came to the attention of the general public playing the popular character Spike, a platinum-blond English vampire in the His film credits include Away We Go, Leatherheads, She starred in Without a Trace for three seasons and also Back to You, in both instances playing the daughter of the main characters.

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