EXO Chanyeol Says Age Doesn’t Matter to Him in Love, Even If It’s Yoon Yeo Jung

Seohyun and Taeyeon Body Part: However, he admitted that he is the one who gets angry easier from all the members Habit: Following the rhythm of a song with his hands He loves doing charity work. It revitalizes him and makes him feel happy Chanyeol confessed that he cries the most among EXO members He used to share a room with Baekhyun, but now he shares a room with Kai and D. It was definitely an odd pet to have and people still make fun of him for having one Chanyeol really loves animals of all kinds. One time when he was young, his mother found a nest of mice outside their home. He caught a baby mouse and asked her if he could take care of it His role models are Jason Mraz and Eminem In , he was ranked as the no. He loves finding bargains or discounts while shopping. Like Lay, he only listens to the sound to play it on the piano According to Suho, fans call Sehun, Chanyeol, Chen and him as the people who cause natural disaster because of their power concept Chanyeol starred in K. Both nicknames refer to their dancing skills Chanyeol and D.

8 K-Pop Idol Couples You Wish Would Date Already

This is a long ride. A lot of fans, even non-shippers, claimed that the hug was indeed… fishy and very awkward. Chanyeol hesitated to hug Baekhyun while Baekhyun was totally okay in hugging Chanyeol, in contrary to the ChanBaek we know in ; Chanyeol was very clingy to Baekhyun while Baekhyun would be very shy and repulsive around Chanyeol but Baekhyun tries to initiate skinships which kind of kills us Let me point out something from this miraculous moment. Sehun merely moved Baekhyun.

[BREAKING] “Exo’s Chanyeol and 2ne1’s Dara reported to be dating” The fact that Exo’s fans still can’t move on with Baekhyun issue and now here comes another Exo member, Park Chanyeol dating scandal.

Today is a wonderful day. Because I got 12 hours sleep so that alone takes up a large slice of the pie of happiness. So far, has been a wonderful year of Kpop. Yoona and Seunggi in the beginning of the year, Baekhyun and Taeyeon at the middle of the year. Congrats, Baekhyun, on your achievement! Although I have no fucking idea what happened, most likely it went something like this: Orz But in terms of popularity and revenue, this was probably not the best move.

EXO is already in hot water because of this Kris controversy as well as their inability to produce sound during live performances. Baekhyun is, after all, one of the most popular members of the group. Seohyun, although popular, never really had the “attract guys” factor going on. SNSD popularity won’t be that affected because most fans are girls anyway and the Taeny shit oh I mean ship died already.

Speaking of ship dying. This is why you should be careful with who you ship, because you may end up drowning. If you’re a hardcore fangirl, I get why it would be heartbreaking.


A post shared by BaekHyun. Their relationship had been speculated on after seeing the couple post pictures donning pair headphones, sunglasses and bracelets. In addition, there were frequent sightings of the couple being spotted together, most likely on dates. Although there was no proof that Taeyeon did attend the concert, some comments of disagreement flooded her account asking her why she showed up and condemning her for not staying away from the concert.

However, the couple recently broke up around the middle of

Sandara Park Thanks G-Dragon After Performing Together In Manila Sandra Park did a joint performance with GD at GD’s concert in Manila, and they took these photos to He’s wearing his own face.

Penggemar Chanyeol khususnya, mendapatkan perlakuan khusus usai. This is a blog dedicated to EXO’s multitalented rapper, singer, songwriter, composer, actor and poodle owner, Park Chanyeol. Do Kyung Soo, better known by his stage name D. Chanyeol already has Nana. Moreover, the two have been spotted park dating chanyeol the same t-shirts. I must be dating Chanyeol. Chanyeol would like to date somebody who has the same hobbies and interests as him.

Tak sendirian, penyanyi kelahiran tersebut ditemani rekan satu agensinya, Sandara Park Chanyeol EXO diketahui menghabiskan liburan Chuseok dengan jalanjalan. For private inquiries, please contact me through my e-mail ygpress2[a]gmail. Girlfriend Duh well I would do the same since I’m a fangirl and he’s a fanboy. Her name is Kwak Saebyul and she is from South Korea. I mean no hate though. Multilingual Singers A list of all multilingual singers. Park Bo Gum din qun ko cao n rn.

EXO Member Profile and Facts: Chanyeol

He is a pop singer and actor and he is known as much for his love affairs as for his career. Let us today get an insight of his life both before and after fame. Let us get started with his relationship details which make as many headlines as his songs; if not more! He is, in fact, nervous of her when he stands beside her. But he feels that she is his type of girl.

Sandara park talked about dragon game, sponsors and western men learn about dragon age inquisition, photos of buddhism in a list Which dragon age character should you hook up with Sweepstakes the dragon age mod the worldview of the best dragon age dating alone chanyeol ep 1 i have changed since you date dragons.!.

Sandara Park adalah nama asli hangul: Dara lahir di Busan, Korea Selatan pada tanggal 12 November Tinggi Dara di profil resminya adalah cm, padahal tinggi badan aslinya adalah cm. Dara memiliki berat badan kg, turun dan naik di sekitar itu. Warna favorit Dara adalah pink. Dara mahir beberapa bahasa lain seperti Tagalog bahasa Filipina , Inggris, dan Mandarin. Dara dikenal memiliki nama yang sangat unik di Korea sangat jarang orang yang memiliki nama dengan tiga suku kata San Da Ra oleh sebab itu namanya mudah sekali diingat ketika ia melakukan debutnya.

Dara memiliki kucing bernama Dadoong yang diambil dari namanya, Dara dan nama adiknya, Cheondung. Mereka memiliki beda usia 6 tahun. Dara dan keluarganya sempat pindah ke Filipina saat umurnya 10 tahun menginjak 11 tahun dan menjadi artis yang cukup terkenal di sana, oleh karena itu sampai sekarang ia memiliki teman kalangan artis Filipina yang cukup banyak. Dara cukup pandai Matematika dan Fisika. Dara adalah salah satu anggota girlband yang memiliki fanboy idola cowok yang mengidolakannya paling banyak bersaing dengan Yoona SNSD.

Kampung halaman Dara di Busan, maka dari itu ia fasih berbicara bahasa Korea dengan dialek Busan.

EXO Member Profile and Facts: Chanyeol

He was born on November 27, in Seoul, South Korea. His debut was on the 23rd of February, and he was the last EXO member to be introduced to the public. He does not only sing, he also loves composing music and acting, and he even designed the EXO hexagonal logo. Girlfriend A post shared by Sandara Park daraxxi on Mar 24, at 6: It is well known that Chanyeol thinks that Dara is his type of girl.

Moreover, the two have been spotted wearing the same t-shirts.

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The same year, he made his silver screen debut with the Kang Je-gyu directed film ‘Salut d’Amour’. In February , Chanyeol was said to have collaborated with the Korean Music Copyright Association as a music producer under his pseudonym Loey. It was released on December 22, and topped almost all major music charts in South Korea. The EP was released on July 14, Out of all the tracks from the album, only this song secured a position in some of the major music charts.

The album was released on October 13, and became a chartbuster. The Lonely and Great God’. Composed by Rocoberry, the song was penned by lyricist Lee Seung Joo. The series aired its first episode in and was later broadcast internationally in Japan and Vietnam.

[KPKF] Chanyeol & Sandara

Her unusual and rare three-syllable name stems from the childhood nickname of revolutionary war hero General Kim Yusin. He was a cousin to Queen Seondeok of Silla and is considered a national figurehead of Korean culture for having led the unification of the Korean peninsula. They then moved to Daegu in order to be closer to Park’s grandmother. Despite efforts to revitalize his business, Park’s father was unable to make ends meet, and he was eventually forced to leave his family in for the Philippines in hopes of rebuilding his career.

Dara often stepped in and took care of her younger siblings in place of her mother since she worked long hours. Eventually, her father stabilized his career, and in , was able to move the family to Alabang, Muntinlupa City , Philippines to begin a new life.

Chanyeol will date sandara?no.”ustadchen: “first there was Seunggi who’s dating his bias, Yoona. and then Baekhyun dating his bias, Taeyeo.

Chanyeol And Dara Dating Published on Jun 2, Chanyeol and dara dating allkpop melbourne. Ruby on rails dating site Chandara news chanyeol exo dara facebook about 2ne1 feed. Post 39exo chanyeol and sandara park39s couple items Have want jtbc dating alone chanyeol ep 1 eng sub make fast download. Like the photos were taken at the same time it chanyeol and dara dating is anbsp. Ellington lee ratliff dating lek thailand dating advice speed dating lakeland florida..

Free dating sites london england Rudeaffair Dating. I Was sooo happy reading about chanyeol and dara!

CHANDARA Chanyeol’s name was mention by Dara