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Access eSelection Assignment Description: In addition to this, Moldova and Ukraine have finalised negotiations and are awaiting the Agreement ratification. At this preliminary stage, policy workshops are planned to help lay down a solid foundation for identifying areas for cooperation with Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Develop presentations and other materials for the policy workshops planned in Amman, Jordan, under the Assignment. Act as a keynote speaker and contribute to workshop discussions at the policy workshops planned in Amman, Jordan. Status of Selection Process: Interested firms or group of firms corporate or academic entities are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest. Assignments Start Date and Duration:

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Many developing and least developed country LDC Members were working on ratifying the TFA and most were preparing their category ABC notifications in order to benefit from the Agreement’s implementation flexibilities. They were also working on establishing or strengthening their National Trade Facilitation Committee NTFC that has the responsibility to oversee domestic coordination and implementation of the TFA; including preparation of the notifications.

These other objectives include: Highlights of these events include: One on donor support and the other on establishing or maintaining a national trade facilitation Committee; matchmaking by providing information on available donor support, and putting members in direct contact with potential sources of implementation support; expansion of information on the TFAF website.

The Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility puts those companies in touch with Dutch businesses. The goal is to stimulate joint investment. Please refer to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency website for information on the facility’s conditions and how to apply.

Figueres brought together national and sub-national governments, corporations and activists, financial institutions and communities of faith, think tanks and technology providers, NGOs and parliamentarians, to jointly deliver the historic Paris Agreement on climate change, in which sovereign nations agreed on a collaborative path forward to limit future global warming to below 2C.

The agreement entered into force in less than a year, breaking the record of the UN. For this achievement Ms. Figueres has been credited with forging a new brand of collaborative diplomacy. Described by the Observer as ‘Britain’s most respected green energy boss,’ he writes and blogs for the Guardian, the Financial Times, and Sublime Magazine.

He is on the associate faculties, lecturing in business and environment, at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and St Gallen. He is also the founder of Phoenix Infraworks, a business established to mobilise capital into climate and infrastructural outcomes in effective and innovative ways. His investment banking, deal making and management experience spans many African countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Angola.

Prior to Macquarie, Mr. The transaction was the largest renewable energy generation acquisition in history and is scheduled to financially close in January

Covalon Announces Major Banking Milestone

The Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility puts those companies in touch with Dutch businesses. The goal is to stimulate joint investment. Target countries The Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility is available to companies in developing countries and in more than 40 other countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Check the list of participating countries. For more information about the Development Cooperation Matchmaking Facility or Trade information in general, please contact the Dutch representation in your country.

South Centre – an intergovernmental policy research and analysis institution of developing countries.

Thank you, and good morning. Thank you for the kind introduction, Selina. So as Selina’s kind words suggest, I’ve had a varied career, covering many sectors and many shores. What hasn’t changed along the way is my admiration for our Chamber and the irreplaceable role it plays as the voice of American business. In its place, I’m going to share with you how we are reshaping the agency and its role in advancing American leadership.

More than anything else, I’m going to ask all of you to open your minds to the partnership possibilities in the region, because they are literally unlimited. First, the purpose of our foreign assistance must be ending its need to exist, not because America wants to withdraw from the world, and certainly not because we wish to help — we don’t wish to help our friends. Instead, we say this because we believe in our friends.

We believe in the inherent desire of every individual, every community, and every country to lead their own bright future. And because this sense of self-reliance and independence is cooked into our own national DNA, we also believe that when our friends are willing to embark on what we call the “journey to self-reliance,” well, then, we should walk with them along the way.

Our second organizing principle of development is our belief, quite simply, that private enterprise is the single most powerful force for lifting lives, strengthening communities, and accelerating that self-reliance.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

Norad is situated in Oslo city center, close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Job opportunity The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation has approximately employees working in eight different departments.

French activists celebrate abandoned airport project 1 Hour Ago PARIS— A colorful crowd has celebrated the French government’s decision to abandon plans to build a new airport in the west of the country. At a victory party Saturday, thousands of environmentalists, farmers and activists, some wearing Carnival masks, symbolically set fire to a giant wooden plane in a field in Notre-Dame- des-Landes.

Last month, Prime Minister A Pentagon budget like none before: The budget bill that President Donald Trump signed Friday includes huge spending increases for the military: It’s the biggest year-over-year windfall since the budget soared by


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TIP Invest Ontario: Invest Ontario is a program offered by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, and Employment with a mandate to connect businesses with organizations, people and ideas that will support economic development in Ontario. For a primer on the R&D landscape in Ontario, check out Invest Ontario’s page An Environment of Innovation.

Sachs, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on the Millennium Development Goals , is the director of The Earth Institute , Quetelet professor of sustainable development, and professor of health policy and management at Columbia University, Achieving sustainable development will be the overriding strategic challenge of this generation. Throughout most of history, the tasks of integrating economic development, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability were local or regional. In the 21st century, however, they are indisputably global.

Only through global cooperation can individual nations overcome the interconnected global-scale crises of extreme poverty, economic instability, social inequality, and environmental degradation. The crises of sustainable development have already become crises of national and global security. Every country faces increasingly complex challenges of energy, food, and water security. Every country faces the crisis of rising frequency and intensity of natural disasters, with a soaring number of floods, droughts, heat waves, extreme storms, and forest fires.

Many countries face the unsolved problem of creating jobs for their young people, and many poor countries have populations growing too fast to meet their respective education and employment needs. Many of the today’s conflicts — in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, Syria, and Western Asia — are being stoked by droughts, famines, mass migration, and other manifestations of economic, social, and environmental unsustainability.

This is no time for despair, but for resolve. The United Nations must become the functional center of the global sustainable development effort, one that draws on every stakeholder through the UN’s unique convening power and universally-recognized legitimacy. Sustainable development must become the daily work of UN Member States, private businesses, non-governmental organizations, universities and research centers, international financial institutions, and the UN organs themselves.

The practical problem — a challenge of historic dimension — is how to support countries at various levels of economic development to work together to end extreme poverty, transition to a low-carbon world energy system, ensure food and water security, reduce high fertility rates where those still exist, and make the world’s cities productive and resilient to environmental stresses. The SDGs need to create a new era of change, rooted in global solidarity, optimism, and the sense that humanity can solve the many difficult problems of a crowded and environmentally stressed planet.

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This will be done by Bogbi and major en Bici MEB as experts on bicycle logistics and production of urban cargo bikes and IDN as a Norwegian expert on business development and upscaling with social impact. The long-term aim is to create a business model that enables partners in other developing countries to produce cargo bikes and create a local urban logistics services.

In collaboration with the Refugee Council, Bogbi and MEB offers vocational training for intermarried refugees and demobilized guerrilla members as a component of a major reintegration program. Young people are trained to become highly qualified bicycle mechanics and bicycle contractors in a strongly expanding market in Bogota and Colombia. Vocational training is conducted in cooperation with the state agency for vocational training SENA.

Second annual “BRIDGE for Cities – Belt and Road Initiative: Developing Green Economies for Cities”, organized jointly by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Finance Centre for South-South Cooperation, to be held in Vienna, Austria from 26 to 28 September.

The Conference focuses on the potential of technology solutions to advance inclusive social and economic development in the Global South. Tech4Dev puts the challenges and the potential of the Global South in the center of discussions reflected by its title Voices of the Global South. Indeed, even though the Sustainable Development Goals apply globally, the needs in terms of access to health and financial services, functioning education systems and sustainable urban and natural ecosystems are undeniably more significant in the Global South.

In this perspective, it is crucial to listen to and support stakeholders from the regions who are facing these challenges Tech4Dev provides an opportunity to: Present your research at a unique multidisciplinary Conference focused on innovative technology for social impact in the Global South. Network across disciplines and fields of technology, to promote the development, deployment, adaptation, and scaling of new solutions for the Global South. Identify opportunities for collaboration with diverse stakeholders — academics, students, engineers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, practitioners, and social scientists- interested in technological innovation in the Global South.

Build capacity among students and young professionals to engage in multidisciplinary problem solving for social impact.

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SDG 17 calls for the revitalization of the global partnership for sustainable development, an explicit acknowledgement that our collective ability to achieve the goals hinges upon our willingness to forge partnerships. At GRI we have always sought to partner with organizations that share our desire to help create a more sustainable economy and world. Policy and institutional coherence In order to realize the SDGs, goal number 17 highlights the need to enhance policy coherence for sustainable development and GRI has taken up the call.

Sustainability reporting is an important means of increasing coherence because it brings together disparate issues, such as water scarcity, CO2 emissions and working conditions, into one methodology so that organizations and their stakeholders can take a holistic view of the impacts of operations.

For this current project, South-South cooperation is particularly useful to achieving pro development IP systems in developing countries and LDCs given the particular circumstances and challenges developing countries and LDCs face, and the ability to share information and promote understanding of the practical initiatives that developing.

Specific programs include infrastructure grants, tax-exempt bonds, and the Michigan Magnet Fund. Pure Michigan Business Connect matches people with resources including venture capital, debt financing, collateral support and other funding assistance; business support services like customized market research, executive and professional talent search assistance, training support, customized site searches and ombudsman services.

Additional public-private support includes entrepreneur services, export assistance, legal services and matchmaking with Michigan suppliers. State of Michigan Contract Connect Program: This program provides opportunities for business growth through access to a wide range of governmental procurement opportunities. More than 1, state contract opportunities, assistance with vendor registry and bids, and tools that can notify registered users of upcoming opportunities can be found at http: The Business Growth Fund is comprised of two programs: Both increase the availability of loans to businesses.

The CSP provides collateral for companies whose property, plant or equipment is undervalued.

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Its prime objective is the reduction of poverty. A look at the figures. Under development cooperation matchmaking, the c ommercial objec tive often is implicit there but is accompanied by the wish to provide b usiness opport unities to third cou ntry firms, so agencies provide guarantees and f unding to E U businesses to exp and and trade internat ionally. As a result, the ultimate outcomes are c oncluded partnership agreem ents stemming from a variet y of activities and outputs, each one h aving performance indicators see Table 2.

It helps to not only incr ease legitimac y but development cooperation h as certain criteria attached that companies need to f ulfill in order to benefit f rom the programme.

Based in Belgium, International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity (CIDSE) is an international coalition of 17 Catholic development agencies from Europe and North America that focuses on issues of advocacy, development, and education.

This methodology takes into account the complex set of factors that make development projects successful or unsuccessful. By utilizing this methodology, our projects are set up for success from the outset. Services Organizational Development Kaizen began providing Organizational Development services to governmental entities in the rebuilding of Iraq in Since then, Kaizen has provided these services to more than government, NGO and private sector organizations worldwide.

Kaizen is recognized as an innovator and an industry leader in government Organizational Development. The model has been exceptionally effective in empowering organizations to build their own capacity and is one of the most sustainable methods to organizational development in the world. The model has been tailored to a variety of situations to achieve desired outcomes by stakeholder organizations.

Communities of Practice In response to the need for better knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning frameworks, Kaizen developed a model for Communities of Practice, called Professional Communities PCs , in Kaizen has developed a proprietary guide for how to conduct effective PCs, which serves as the framework for creating and administering PCs. Kaizen leads a demand-driven approach to PCs that quickly gains buy-in from members and rapidly responds to the needs and requests of the group.

Kaizen creates PCs to self-sustain. Kaizen begins with the long-term goal that the PCs will become so critical to their members that they will be maintained well beyond the life of the project. Driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, Kaizen works with innovators and entrepreneurs to maximize the impact of a fledgling organization or initial idea.

Democratisation: What Role for International Development Cooperation?