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EA filed a patent in to tinker with online matchmaking for better player engagement January 9, admin 0 Comments Categories News A few months back two patent applications submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Electronic Arts surfaced online. Both of these patents were filed on March 8, and dealt with dynamically altering the player experience. One of the patents dealt with dynamically changing the difficulty of a game to better keep players interested. The second, more malicious and exploitable patent dealt with how EA handled its online matchmaking. The algorithm, named Engagement Optimized Matchmaking EOMM , is designed as the name states for the sole purpose of keeping you engaged in online games. The factors that go into this algorithm run the gambit from interaction, play style, sportsmanship, willingness to spend money, and skill. On the application, EA states that it is applying for the patent to improve player engagement, but this is EA we are talking about.

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Sun, 22 Nov The tennis spin-off has often found a fascinating middle-ground between depth and accessibility, though the home console entries have often been focused on simple court-based fun. A blend of chaos, reflexes and strategy, the Mario Tennis series has continually evolved from its main Nintendo 64 debut; Mario Tennis:

Mar 06,  · Helldivers Issues PS4 PS3 PS Vita DualShock 4 Controls Cross Save Arriving earlier this week on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita (here’s our .

Steam news announces the Steam Halloween Sale is now underway, as predicted by a recent leak. There doesn’t seem to be any viral side games associated with this, just discounted games. Word is the sale concludes on November 1st. They outline what this means to players, curators, and developers. Here’s the part for players: Players This system really only works if players find value from following some Curators. So we’re adding to the kinds of content that Curators are able to create, and increasing the places within Steam where that content can be seen.

Recommendations provided by Steam Curators can already appear in the main featured spot on your Steam Home page as well as in a dedicated space on your home page. We’re building on this so that recommendations by Curators you follow will also show up at the top of tag and genre pages. This means as you explore, say the Free To Play page, you’ll see recommendations from your Curators for Free to Play games.

Many Curators create videos to accompany their reviews, so we’ll now start embedding those videos in a few places alongside the curation. This means that when you click through a recommendation, or when you browse a Curator’s page on Steam, you’ll be able to watch their videos in-line.


Even if it is late. Perhaps one of the most innovative things about the game is that the elf has a Scottish accent instead of the dwarf. The dwarf actually has a dialect similar to mine too, which is pretty cool.

Helldivers: Insurrection. NEW VEHICLES. Concept: So my general concept is that while we remaining Helldivers work to gradually salvage some of our old equipment, in most cases we can only salvage weapons and key parts. So maybe you salvage the 30 mm cannon from destroyed exosuits and Helldivers aircraft, turrets from APCs, maybe some treads from a tank.

We change a workaround that can help you in determination the error. This may employ for those who are having problems with DLL files. Early of all, channelize to Steamapps folder to attain “misstatement. After object it, lawless with notepad. Now, you can see something same “The exertion caused admittance infringement power in xxxx. You can furnish the authorize f requisite.

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The universe just got smaller and settlements are being attacked and overrun by bugs, cyborgs and the celestial-like Illuminates. Pick up a weapon, go through the training, and join the fight as a Helldiver! Helldivers, from developer Arrowhead and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is a top-down, twin stick shooter exclusively for the PlayStation family of game systems. The cross-play feature allows for players to play together via the PSN, no matter which PlayStation they are on.

It’s likely that something is causing interference with the wireless connection and possibly interference in the mains wiring. You could try changing the wireless channels in the router, though for gaming a direct cable connection between the console and the router is best.

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Nor is Swedish developer Arrowhead Game Studios a household name, having created only a handful of games, most notably the critically acclaimed Magicka. The cross-buy, cross-save component is especially attractive for those of us who find ourselves constantly switching between PS4 and Vita. So what is it? In Helldivers, you follow this formula: The real trick though is in how Helldivers forces you to work both as a team and a community.

Arguably, if you used stealth very slowly and patiently, you could complete some of the more difficult missions if you get lucky on the randomized objectives layout.

Feb 28,  · The PSN maintenance on March 1st had better sort these problems out else getting the will be a nightmare. I have not been able to connect to anyone in the 24hrs since I downloaded this and get constantly disconnected when playing solo, thus losing all my progress for that mission.

Some of the most requested features from the community that have been added so far include: Hot joining joining while game is in progress. Ability to skip cutscenes. Text chat to other co-op heroes in game. Keybinding settings available for keyboard and mouse. Optimized the matchmaking so that it broadens the search distance of potential games to join.

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Copy provided by developer. Arrowhead Studios are a strange bunch. Helldivers meets this and, with reckless abandon, blasts off into space to extend the utter insanity to the rest of the universe. If you do, when you inevitably buy Helldivers you can look it up in the in-game encyclopedia. I was perfectly happy clearing my first few planets solo, thinking I would be able to avoid the scourge that is multiplayer gaming once again.

There are 31 trophies for Helldivers (PlayStation 3) Show | Hide all trophy help. If you know how to complete the trophies listed please add your hints to help others. Check out our forums or .

Those neon signs look kinda like katakana, written by clueless gaijin with poor pensmanship! The battle for the galaxy continues to escalate, Captains. Season 13 — Escalation. This season brings with it a brand new Featured Episode, new types of queues though our War Games system that adds new challenges and new ways to play against other captains, a new reputation that features class specific space and ground sets, and the Player Potential system which match players in War Games and PvP queues based on relative player skill.

The War Games queues will put players in head-to-head competitive PvE scenarios. These new queues split ten players into two teams of five, who must race to complete objectives before the other team succeeds. Our goal is always to ensure that every decision a Captain makes is an effective one. These changes will go live with Season Season 13 — Escalation in the weeks to come, Captains. Just doing this on my main toons will be painful enough! If you give the average MMO gamer a choice of A blowing up other players or B racing against other players, I think 9 out of 10 will opt for bloody bloodshed.

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Coffee Grinder United States [Beeman and I had questions about where to drop this post, apologies if it’s in the wrong place. It really struck a chord with me and made me reflect on why I had stopped playing games for a bit. My response got too ridiculously long for an email, so I decided to post it to the forums instead of burdening our moderators with a dissertation. I don’t think the necessities of teamwork and specialization are causing the frustration discussed.

I changed it to"Australia – QLD” and now I see many games in the matchmaking list. Still can’t join any of them though. We’ve tried connecting in both directions using the steam friends list"Invite to game” function, and both the join and invite functions of the in-game friends list.

These combinations can be cast in different ways as well. The possibilities of ways to destroy friendships are endless! The story picks up after Wizard Wars the F2P PvP off-shoot of Magicka , where different schools of Magick across Midgard went to war and wizard numbers everywhere were decimated. A Golden Age of Man is ushered in, seemingly leaving the world at peace, until a child is born, radiating with Magick energy and beckoning not only the return of Wizards, but also a vampire named Vlad shadow who threatens all of Midgard.

These may make enemies more resistant, elements more powerful, give you more HP, add a sitcom laugh track in the background, teleport you to a random location upon a kill, add extra physics to gameplay etc. You can add up to 6 per session. Netcode That Works Self-explanatory. Familiars Familiars are little followers that you can equip before going into the world that provide you different bonuses or restrictions!

Some can autorevive after the last team member dies, boost damage in certain conditions, etc. We haven’t seen many of them thus far but they are unlockable. Improved Gamepad Controls Using the gamepad to play the original Magicka was fairly challenging, as you needed to input very fighting-game esque quarter-circle motions to select the elements you wanted to use.

[21] Small Arms, Big Problems – (Black Gold) – CS:GO Operation Hydra – Guardian Coop Mission